Update on First Friday Give-Back

Give Away is still open. I'm only up to six. I'm looking for nine. See here for my original post.

Steve Casimiro at number six says: "dude, this is a beautiful image. i'd happily pay you $20 and a lot more for it. what's wrong with people?!!"

David Leith at number five says: "If I didn't win the give away I'll definitely pay $20 for a copy. It would look great in our "New York" bathroom. I miss that view."

Mark Maziarz stuffed the ballot box and says "People amaze me. I thought I would be closer to #99 when I sent my first email on Friday. Will stuffing the inbox work? I'll try. If that doesn't work, I'll send $20. I love your Flatiron photo. I would hang it next to Steichen's version. (If I had the money...)"

Thanks for all the kind words -

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Thomas Sibley said...

Wow, I was first? I was sure I would be a dozen or so people too late.