Friday Give-Back

We have a Winner!!
©Russell Kaye, All Rights Reserved - click image for nice big view...

As a thank you to all the visitors here and as an experiment in giving away,

or giving back,

Here's the start of my Friday Give-Back series.

The 9th name and address emailed to
(that's give_back at (subject: Flatiron) gets an original, signed, suitable for framing, 8x10 in the US Mail of my fave image of the Flatiron Building above.

due to the underwhelming response I just want to add this update: Sunday night and I still don't have a winner. I don't have 9 names. In fact I don't even have 6 names. I've got only 5. Maybe this image is a dog. Maybe no one wants anything for free anymore. Next week I'll charge $20.

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