We Have A Winner!

We finally have a winner here in the first Friday Give-Back series: Miss Yvonne Stender, Photography Director of Sunset Magazine is the ninth person to email. I must say I'm glad that the first Friday give-back ended before the second one comes out tomorrow.

I can see there is plenty of traffic here on the blog and am puzzled why it took so long to get nine names. Can some of the visitors that didn't enter leave a comment please? You didn't like the image? Why would you want to hang something on the wall that's given away? You don't want to bother?

Anyway I got a few comments that if they didn't win here they'd still be interested in purchasing a print. Has everyone heard of Jen Bekman Gallery's model for selling art at low prices? Has everyone seen 20x200? Here's Jen's schpiel:
large editions + low prices × the internet = art for everyone

So yes, If you'd still like a print, email me at me at RussellKaye.com

I'll do editions of
200 8x10s for $20/each
20 13x19 for $200/each

Comments, thoughts, please.

1 comment:

Daniel M said...

What was I thinking? I didn't send my e-mail as I thought I would be far too late when I saw your post. A free "type 55" print of the Flat Iron??? I thought it would have "sold" faster than Jen Beckman's 20X200 offer of last Tuesday.
I'll be sure to send a reply if a similar offer comes up again.
In the mean time, I would gladly pay $20. for a copy.