No Pop!Tech for us!

The big show here at the Camden Opera House next month is something called Pop!Tech.
Sandi and I were asked if we'd be interested in photographing it. It's a series of speakers at podiums- three days of 12 hour shoot days for $5,000 - not terribly fun work and not too terribly well-paid, but work nonetheless. (Some good speakers and attendees that I was looking forward to meeting like Singer John Legend, Artist Jonathan Harris, Fisherman Ted Ames, and Carl "Slow" Honore. There were rumors as well that Martha Stewart and Stephen Colbert would be attending. Oh I forgot, also Chris Jordan is performing (I do enjoy his images -he's the photographer that does the large pictures of trash and discarded cell phones )

We found out last night that we weren't hired. That's fine - no sour grapes here - they found someone who specializes in conference pictures. It seems they're going with a specialist named Kris Krug from Vancouver.

Two things about this. And again, please don't call me a sore looser - This happens all the time in our business and PopTech is certainly allowed to spend their hard-earned dollars in any country it chooses - these are just a few observations about our community and our times.

First, PopTech prides itself on being a forward-thinking, "carbon neutral" conference. In fact this year's theme is "The Human Impact." there's plenty of ways to offset KK's jetfuel - and besides his plane would come here whether or not he was aboard. I hope the caterers still get to bring napkins.

And second, I thought, let me Google him, he must be an amazing photographer and I wanted to see what set him apart that PopTech would want to bring him all the way to Maine instead of using not just me and Sandi but any of the other fine local photographers
(local web designer Jim Dugan has a list of only about 200 Maine photographers)

So I did Google Kris Krug to take a look at his work and instead of finding his pictures right away - I found a picture of Kris Himself in a moment of total wardrobe failure.

Kris Krug atop the Great Wall of China - from his own Flickr Page:

link to KK at flickr- KK wants to have shots of himself naked on top of all of the world Great Wonders,

Addendum: Pop!Tech did apologize for putting us through the painful way they make decisions and I 'm also thinking that Kris' stunt does merit an award for bravery - imagine how many years he could've gotten in a Chinese prison if caught with his package peeled open atop their sacred wall!


Tania Rochelle said...

So ambitious!

nick said...

well, I guess you'll have to streak the conference

mr.allen said...

tell kk to look me up, i'll give him the inside scoop on doing the nudie on cheop's pyramid in egypt, and u need to get wit da program mr. kaye

Anonymous said...

some people just can't get enough of feeling a fresh breeze on their cheeks!

as an aside, poptech has been carbon negative not neutral for the last 2 years - offsetting twice the amount of carbon emitted.

Russell Kaye said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous.

Imagine how much more Carbon PopTech could've offset if they had used one of the hundreds of photographers in the area.

I still see it like buying lobster from South Africa.