The 5d Mark II has landed

It's finally here- the still camera that shoots such high quality video that we won't shoot stills anymore. I can't wait to see how it changes my working method. I imagine the backend workflow for editing might be a bit time consuming- 7 seconds of video is 210 frames - imagine editing a few minutes of video looking for the perfect frame.

from Vincent Laforet's Blog:

"the quality of this video is so high - that I see you pulling stills from it - and not needing to shoot still unless there are special circumstances ( i.e. you need to run the image vertically on a cover… or you need to stop fast action such as sports)"
Vincent snagged a camera for the weekend and rented a helicopter and made a small-budget movie - he's promised to put up some video once he's figured out the bandwidth issue.

Check out his excitement over this camera - (and the 350 comments since Saturday afternoon) his post makes him sound like a schoolboy finding his his Dad's Playboy collection.

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