Most Recent Great Client: Angela Adams

North Haven, Maine, 2008 ©Russell Kaye

I've had this post lying around for a while - I was waiting to let the client show them first. Which they still haven't done but I have permission to use a few of the images here and I'm not sure if I mentioned this quote before - but in the previously-mentioned Sean Kernan workshop, Jay Maisel offered a quote that really summed up commercial photography for me:
"...while it takes a great photographer to make a great photograph, it takes a great client to actually use them."

I've been lucky to have a number of great clients. My most recent great client is Angela Adams. We had a blast of a shoot out on North Haven Island this summer - a series of ads of her new couture rugs and images for her "stock" files. I promised not to show the couture rugs yet but I wanted to show a few of the other images.

North Haven, Maine, 2008 ©Russell Kaye

North Haven, Maine, 2008 ©Russell Kaye


littleMstudio said...

Absolutely lovely. Well done.

Jason said...

Those are great! I want to see more!

Donald V. Rainville said...

Hey, I take exception to that... I thought I was your greatest client... that is until you moved south!

Nice images... I think you should sell your images retail, but then who am I... just a foot note former client... (Huff!)