Thank You Andrew Hetherington

The veritable guide to all things photo Mr Andrew Hetherington aka The Jackanory had Sandi and me tuned to Ovation Network's Photography week. Watching tv for us is quite a rare event and in fact Lucy had to watch Ms Montana on the fuzzy old Sony in the basement and Rufus had to fall asleep freshly-bathed but still in a towel on the couch.

We're busy this morning tabulating the results but really only for third place as Sylvia Plachy and Cindy (why does Cindy need only a first name?) are true artists with cameras. Art shouldn't be a competition; I should change my words to say Sylvia and Cindy were by far our favorites profiled last night and Greg Crewdson's profile reinforced our belief that his work should stay filed in eye-candy.

My favorite quote was Crewdson talking about making images genuine to your vision, true to yourself as the camera pans across his image of tons of grass sod spilling out of the trunk of the car or Gwyneth in her underwear.

I'm getting out the tv trays and can't wait to see what's on Ovation tonight:

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Rainman said...

I like the marble heads... lots of interpretive possibilities there... Hmmm

No, I would agree that art is not a competition, yet it seems it's always made into one by the capitalist mentality. Unfortunately most capitalist mind sets have the artistic aptitude of a brick. The only thing a capitalist brick wants is to conquer, use and or own the brick next to it. The artist brick is far more likely to be curious about how the brick next to it feels about being a brick and possibly how the mortar feels about having to hold everything together while the bricks get all the attention... certainly, when a the degrades and falls to ruin it's never the bricks that get blamed.

Somewhere in all this there is a concept of art being a combination of individual perspective and talent rather than a lineal competition... you see what I mean right???