A Photo Editor and Anonymous Blogging

I'm curious how many of you have been reading the anonymous blog entitled "A Photo Editor"

I think the word "blog" is quite unfortunate and have reservations about anonymous blogging but whoever has been doing this is consistently putting out information I find interesting. Whoever is writing it is a Photography Director in NYC and talks about themselves with this:

"While I don't care if you know who I am or what magazine I work for, I would like to remain anonymous so I can keep my job and blog."

Some of the writing is a bit pedantic when he or she is discussing things like how new photographers get on the radar of photo editors. But overall I'm intrigued enough to read on.

The other photo industry and also anonymous blogs trying to keep up with the popularity of "A Photo Editor" are the Bitter Photographer and a NYC Photo Agent's whose site is called
"A Visual Society."

A fourth anonymous blog by a NYC Art Director seems to have ceased: "The Cruel Visual World"

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