Eric Baker Says Goodbye to Beauty, Absurdity and Naivete

The Complete Book of Palmistry by Joyce Wilson, Bantam Books, 1971 (1982)
 from Eric Baker Today 8/7/2010 which is from Stopping Off Place
Eric Baker over at Design Observer call it quits on his  "Today:"   photo essay,  random, image round-up of sorts. Long a fixture of my weekly blog reading - well maybe not so long -  I guess he's only been at it since October 2008. Still I am going to miss him.

From the October '08 entry:
Perhaps the most appealing part of the process is the randomness of the images: an obscure Czech modernist poster followed by a vintage Australian mug-shot, followed by a diagram of a Soviet space station. This very randomness creates a different way of seeing by removing the context of the images. At times, sometimes by accident or occasionally by design, a relationship in the images will emerge. Mostly, though, I love the vagaries of the images — their beauty, absurdity and naivete.

Read all his words about Today: here

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