Don't let April pass without a blogpost...

Did I mention that we moved again? And that it really is a blast to pack everything in boxes and rent a big truck. It must be  a blast - why else would we have moved 7 times in 3 years?

Decatur, Georgia, March 2010. ©Russell Kaye, All Rights Reserved

Seriously, I've been revisiting a tintype project I did last year for the Vampire Diaries being filmed out in Madison, Georgia. I do wonder if any of the images were ever used. I  need to check with the production company and see if I'm free and clear to post a couple of them here. Meanwhile enjoy the Zebra from Utah on the side of a u-haul truck and if there's anyone left reading my disjointed and very sparse musings here, be the third person to email with your name and address to give_back at and I'll send you an 8x10 of our moving truck...

We will have two winners. Mr David Leith was #3 and he's won before. (Imagine having that kind of luck.) So while I'm glad to send David a print, I'm also going to send a print to my #4 - which, by the way, has not happened yet.

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