ephemera and carte de visite and chasing dollars with a butterfly net

Caution: Rambling Thoughts Ahead:  Craig Nova was in touch with me a few months ago. Craig has a new book and started a new blog. Craig and Christine and me and Sandi had a delightful time chasing brook trout by float plane on assignment in the North Woods of Maine for Men's Journal a hundred years ago and we even ended up on the cover.  And then recently I start to see on my Google Analytics report a steady stream of referring traffic from a site called GoGoAbigail.com   And then I go there and try and figure out why and who and then I figure out  that Abigail is Abbey and that Abbey is Abbey Nova and that Abbey Nova is Craig's daughter and that she has listed me as a daily read on her blog. And then Abbey and I  trade emails and she volunteers that she also loves photography and in fact, started Flak Photo with Andy Adams before heading off to get her MFA in design history and then we share a few more emails about blogs and especially design blogs and I  remember that I haven't looked at Design Observer blog in a few months and that I used to especially love Eric Baker's weekly image roundups and now I'm all over a website devoted to ephemera and now I desperately need a back mark or a carte de visite. I've always said it's not about the photograph, it's about the background.
And now it's all about the back of the photograph.

How about the back mark above? Chasing dollars with a butterfly net? Where does one go to get something done like this? I bet Abbey knows.

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Simon Minshall said...

the back mark could easily made into a rubber stamp