Why are Real Estate deals closings and gallery shows openings?

I much prefer openings to closings.


Anonymous said...

Real Estate deals, or "transactions"-- (for the more polite in the industry) are referred to as "closings" because they are the culmination of all the time and effort since the start of the work that goes into the search and negotiations that the buyer and the seller undergo. Real property transactions are the slowest of all the negotiated "trades" in their respective market (compared to say, the purchase of equity in the form of "stock."

Art "openings" are an encounter, a beginning. Think of all the things you encounter that require an actual opening ... so the first art show is aptly called, termed, thought of, is, and "opening."

I have often thought about college "commencements," which seems like an odd thing to call the graduation (ending) ceremony. But then that's the perfect name for it. I am glad art openings are not closings.

Awesome site-- yours, BTW. I came to it when I was looking up "Sharon Core" ...

-DMValdez, NYC

Russell Kaye said...

thank you, mr dmvaldez. here's another one: why is "going South" bad?