Can't you see a couple of goats up there?

Click to enlarge ©Russell Kaye

The thing I really miss about our past life in Maine was renovating our 1850 Farmhouse. I hadn't really thought much about houses and building since moving to Georgia. But that ended yesterday. I attended the opening of the new Southface Eco Office Building. Call me a gear queer but the garden on the roof that also serves as a rainwater catchment for all the buildings gray water got me wanting to buy a little piece of land and get building again.

Can't you see a sod roof and a couple of goats up there? And a homemade chevre with a crisp rose´?

*Those pavers in the garden above were recycled from that spongy surface you see especially in urban playgrounds. Nicely repurposed, I'd say.


chris hartlove said...

Very nice! Roof farms. Great idea. How did you shoot it? Looks like film.

Russell Kaye said...

an old 10" cirkut camera- always film!!