Free Pie Atlanta May 16th 2009

Remember my post about Project M and last year?

Well Project M has started a side project called Pie Lab and is "doing" it in Atlanta next weekend May 16th. They have a couple of websites Pie-Lab and Free Pie but briefly, here's some background:

On 3/14/2009 (Pi day) at 1:59 pm, a group of young graphic designers from all over the country, gathered in Belfast Maine and gave away free pie. They shared stories and laughter and united groups of all kinds, all while savoring slices from 35 different pies. Their message was unassuming and honest: Sometimes life is bad; free pie isn’t. The Free Pie Movement is founded on the idea that simple gestures, like giving away free pie, can unite communities and spread joy. Sweet or savory, fruit-filling or custard, graham crust or pastry, pie is a delicious provender enjoyed by all.

So make a pie and join them and Spread the Word.

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