Cinematic Hot Potato

I have more to write about here (and photograph) take a look and I'll be back when I have some better quality free time.

ps - has anyone noticed the "statistics & data" section at the bottom of the you tube videos - there's links (and click numbers) to the sites that have linked to the video. Makes for some fascinating reading:

Beef Magazine Blog

Dairy Herd Management


Mat said...

Is this on its way to theaters or DVD? Id love to see it, but cant find much info...

Russell Kaye said...

theatrical release June 12th -

The buzz at the Toronto Film Festival was all about food. The new documentary, “Food Inc.,” premiered at the festival to rave reviews. Entertainment Weekly called it “an important movie, one that nourishes your knowledge of how the world works,” the Los Angeles Times labeled it “a riveting cautionary tale,” and Variety says it’s “a civilized horror movie for the socially conscious, the nutritionally curious and the hungry.”

"The documentary from the producers of an “Inconvenient Truth,” is all about the “highly mechanized underbelly” of the nation’s food industry. It includes graphic footage of poultry sheds and meat packing plants (some of it shot in secret) and appearances by familiar foodie faces Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan."

Anonymous said...

We have farmers out here who actually produce and eat non irridated or processed meat and Sell it as well.
Not main Stream but Farmer's Market..Best way to go.