Thank You

Before I forget I need to post a big hug and kiss to everyone at The Workshop's for offering up this great opportunity. A big hug to you, Elizabeth Greenberg as I've heard from Sean that you're responsible for making the class happen.

Also big thanks to Charles Altschul and John Claussen and all the other board members for keeping the lights on at such a special place. Big thanks to Kate I. and her management team. And Brad and his crew for the great food and drink. And our Teaching Assistant, Virginia from Virginia. Thank you, really great working with you.

And also many thanks to Bogen for my new Kata digital rucksack - it's actually one of those bags that you think excitedly about: this is very well-designed - wow - It could clean-up my whole life. Now someone tell Canon I just need a couple of those mark 3's to carry around.

And finally, can I also just say or actually ask that if you're on the fence about whether to come to Maine for a workshop this summer - for a week of art or crafts, how many lives do you have left? C'mon, this isn't the practice run!

and here's a hint .... Sean Kernan teaches again the week of July 20th.

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