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It's been a little quiet here. Maybe it's Spring in Maine or maybe it's that the blooms off the rose for me and blogging. Or maybe I haven't been so enraptured with "what I was thinking." Anyway, thought I'd check in here as I just went to the post office (finally) with all my past friday give-back print winners - so keep an eye out on your mailboxes. Felt great to give-back and get those off my to-do list.

And speaking of give-back, I wanted also to give a nod to another fine example of giving-back - and one where I will be the beneficiary. Sean Kernan and The Maine Media Workshops as a way to say thank you to the teacher's at The Workshops has invited us "Master's" of Photography the chance to spend (tuition-free) a week in the role of student. I don't know Sean - I think I remember meeting him when I was the Audio/Visual manager at The Workshops in 1985 ( it seems I only remember the photographers that weren't so pleasant to work with - but that's another post.) Sean is, by all accounts, the master of creativity. Tim Whelan (of Tim Whelan's Books & Prints in Rockport - one of the best photography bookstores you'll ever set foot in) described Sean's class to me one recent Sunday in the charcoal section of the hardware store (that's right - no gas grill here- old-fashioned lump charcoal only!) as the most difficult class Tim's ever taken. Sean's approach is interesting and I'm quite intrigued. He's been teaching for more than thirty years and by his own admission this class is not so much about photography as it is about awareness and seeing and focus. He describes it in the invitation letter as being about "what happens before the picture is taken."

The workshop is next week. I'll try and keep you all posted - maybe you'll be able to see my creativity spike.

Addendum: As I was researching this post, I discovered that Sean has a new website and also a blog. Check it out - it's complete with exercises to get your creativity on. I think we're in for an interesting week.

Oh yeah - almost forgot- check out the list of Sean's students for next week:

Arduina Caponigro
John Paul Caponigro
Brenton Hamilton
Sean Harris
Greg Heisler
Russell Kaye
Tara Law
Jay Maisel
Alan Meyerson
Elizabeth Opalenik
Dee Peppe
SandraLee Phipps
Alison Shaw
Matthew Smolensky
Alan Vlach

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littleMstudio said...

Woo-hoo for you and Sandi. I'm jealous.