Day Four: Weight Shifting with Alison Chase

I wrote a fairly long piece Thursday evening about Sean Kernan's Master Class for Master's with special guest star Alison Chase, renowned choreographer and founder and former artistic director of Pilobolous Dance Theatre. I wrote about Alison's ethereal presence and grace. I wrote about my own experience working with Alison as her partner while she demonstrated an exercise she calls weight shifting. Then Thursday evening turned to Friday morning (the 13th) and my long post disappeared.

There are three parts to the exercise. The first two "shifting toward your partner' and "shifting away from your partner" are mirrors - both participants mirror the energy of pushing or pulling to stay in balance. The third part is inverted - one person shifts toward while the other receives from. I'm realizing how much easier it would be to explain the exercise with images rather than words.

We finished the exercise by choosing new partners and choreographing our own mini weight-shifting dance. Fellow classmate Elizabeth Opalenik suggested Sandi (my wife) and I partner. Imagine the restraint and cooperation I learned as I easily bring 100 more pounds to the exercise than Sandi. I'm hoping Jay will email me some pictures.

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