The Cold Morning Light of April in the Escalante of Utah

The Cold Morning Light of April in the Escalante of Utah ©Russell Kaye

Friday Give-Back: 12th email with subject "utah" to " " get's an 8x10 in the mail. Be sure to include your mailing address and I have to admit I'm a little flummoxed as my passover image is still available from last week. I didn't think it would be that hard to give away prints. Also I'll announce when we have a winner - so don't assume it's over until I say it is...

- we have a winner-actually two winners. I'm giving-back two prints this time; one to Charles Allen who was sort of the 12th email when he sent a second email from his wife's email address and one to Lisa Pitcher the official 12th email. Thanks for all the entries.

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littleMstudio said...

K. Love you guys. Love the idea. Love the idea of being part of Jen's 20X200--however I was rejected. Imagine that. Anyway. I would love to have the Passover image or the Utah image. Or one of the iceberg images. Or Lucy and the laptop. Or Lucy strung out from no sleep or Okefenokee. I'm not picky. I emailed Sandi last week too.
Keep up the amazing work!