PDN 30 and Donald Weber

© Donald Weber

A ton has already been written about the recent PDN 30 (emerging photographers. I'll just add that I was very glad to see the editors of PDN include the work of Donald Weber.
I first noticed him when he won the Lange-Taylor Prize in 2006 with writer Larry Frolick to document underclass life in the Ukraine. I'll just add that he's having quite a productive couple of years recently having also won a Guggengeim in 2007 and further being included in January as a "network photographer" at VII (what does this mean anyway? Is this how they're getting around their original charter that limited them to 9 photographers?)

He's got great work. See for yourself

I'll also just add that I was greatly relieved to see that PDN got his age wrong - He's 34 not 26. I'm feeling less unaccomplished now. Phew.

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Alexey said...

The interesting and strong photographer. Its skill is especially allocated to tell photo-story now it is very demanded, especially in such not simple social circles as lumpen, in fact with them it is necessary to be able to agree, and to speak in one language-sleng (-though there is a probability that it could to pay to them for that that was in their environment and photographed them, in Russia it is the widespread practice). The theme which it lifts certainly not new, but that that it is again lifted deserves a praise. A series of photos about Limonov (-Russian desident) is standardly enough shooting, in my opinion.
In general - the appreciable and interesting photographer.