How many people are reading "A Photo Editor"

This brief little mention on Rob Haggart's "A Photo Editor" weblog recently:

"Russell Kaye discovered a sweet little book viewer for photographers (here). Here’s his book. Get yours at Issuu (here)."

I knew that "A Photo Editor" was popular - but that's really an amazing following he has over there. I don't really know Rob but hear he was famous for his one line, if not one word email replies. I once got the one word "nice" from him for this email promotion (below) I sent. It's great to see him turn so prolific with the written word and be rewarded with a devout readership. Thanks Rob.


Tomé Duarte said...


Rob Haggart said...

yeah i'll cop to that. one of the last editors I worked for wanted everyone on staff to submit 5 package ideas for the next issue so I sent 5 words. all the editors got a huge laugh out of it in the meeting cause half of them turned in multi page memos. well the package we decided to do that hadn't been done before at MJ was food. word number 2.

I figure I'm a picture guy and I'll show you my ideas. Not sure how I ended up blogging about photography tho.

Russell Kaye said...

Rob - it was Hannah M that called you the single word email guy - and now look at you - let's see your google analytics snapshot - must be pretty.