How can this be?

Take a close look at this (from American Public Radio's Marketplace)
(Is Radio still radio if it comes with slideshows?)

Real Estate preoccupies me. Take a look at this.
We've all seen the man-made archipelagos being constructed in Dubai
©Alexander Heilner

But have we taken a close look?

©Alexander Heilner

It get's even better.

©Alexander Heilner

It's almost starting to look like our old backyard in Brooklyn:
©Russell Kaye-click the image for a really big view


Alex said...

Thanks for using my pictures! And thanks for crediting me and everyone else so religiously.

I must say that those houses in Dubai had nicer pools than anything I've seen in Brooklyn. But they've got nothing on Prospect Park!

Anonymous said...

Fort Greene, looking northeasterly from the antenna atop Brooklyn Technical High School?

Russell Kaye said...

or a helicopter, I can't remember.