"friend? how do we know each other?"

Let me please apologize if Facebook has contacted you recently on my behalf - it seems that while researching the whole social networking thing I inadvertently turned over my gmail addressbook to Facebook and it conveniently and automatically listed everyone that I've ever even exchanged an email with as a "friend." I have some great emails now from folks I've never met: "friend? how do we know each other?" "good question," I reply, and with a quick search of their email address (which is the amazing, if not Orwellian part of gmail, not so much that you can search your past emails but that their archived on google's server's not mine) I can reply that "sure we know each other - don't you recall that I inquired about a 1999 Volvo XC Wagon you had for sale on Craig's list in December of 2006?"

The best part however was watching my 12-year-old daughter check her email on Saturday morning - her half-asleep gaze was suddenly jolted into full-Bustello-awake - "You're doing Facebook now?" Horror! What do we think it means that she didn't accept my invitation to be facebook friends?

Another best part is that I invited my wife to Facebook and listed her as my Spouse - look at what one get's as you wait for confirmation that your wife is indeed your wife. Hopefully I won't need to hit the cancel relationship button.....

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