Andrea Modica

©Andrea Modica From "Fountain"

Andrea Modica's newest body of work "Fountain" is on view this month at Edwynn Houk.

I had read that she had been photographing a family that ran a small slaughterhouse in Fountain, Colorado but I hadn't seen many of the images. I've long considered Ms Modica's 1996 book "Treadwell" a masterpiece -shot in 8x10 and printed in platinum - it's a look at the tattered yet innocent life of rural and poor in Treadwell, NY. Treadwell somewhat stars Barbara who Ms Modica first photographed at the age of 7. Barbara later stars in the title roll of Ms Modica's 2004 monograph "Barbara" in which Ms. Modica documents Barbara's battle with adult-onset diabetes- Barbara died in 2001 at 22.

How Ms Modica tenderly fills her images with love and respect is what separates her photographs from ones that would seem manipulative and contrived.

©Andrea Modica, From "Fountain"

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