How Many of You Take The Time?

How Many of You Take the Time to fulfill those requests from photo editors looking for images? How many of you take the time to insert the cover logo of the magazine? Why do certain images look so much better with a cover logo on them?

Adventure needs your best adventure travel images for our November 2007 COVER and inside the magazine (images of recent travelers in stunning scenics - something dramatic/exotic/iconic that makes you want to drop everything and travel there!) for the following locations:

HAWAII: Greening an Island Treasure
Sierra Club Outings

ALASKA: Wildlife Conservation Adventure
Abercrombie & Kent
Cook Inlet
Prince of Wales Island and Redoubt Bay
Matanuska-Susitna Basin

CALIFORNIA: Yosemite Grand Traverse
Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides
entire Yosemite National Park
Ansel Adams Wilderness
Post Peak Pass
Half Dome
John Muir Trail to Cathedral Lakes
Tuolumne Meadows
Yosemite Valley
El Capitan and Yosemite Falls

CANADA: First Polar Bear Cruises in Labrador
Wildland Tours
Nain, Labrador into Torngat Mountains National Park
Inuit territory of Nunatsiavut

PERU: Apurimac River and Trans Andean Trek
Machu Picchu
Inti Raymi Festival
Sacsayhuaman, high in the hills above Cusco
whitewater-rafting trip down the Apurimac
trans-Andean trek across the Vilcabamba Mountains on Inca trails
Vukacanba Mountain

CHILE: Remote Luxury on Easter Island
Posada de Mike Rapu
Easter Island
enigmatic moai
SCUBA tours of deep-sea volcanic caverns, bridges, and corals, submerged moai.

PANAMA: From Boquete to Bocas
Austin Lehman Adventures
primary cloudforest of Boquete.
Finca Lerida
El Valle de Antón
Bocas del Toro archipelago
Isla Bastimentos
Cayos Zapatillas
Tranquilo Bay

EL SALVADOR: Multi-sport with the Locals
Access Trips
surf lessons
mountain biking
El Imposible National Park

SCOTLAND: Sea Kayaking from Loch to Loch
Explorers Corner
west coast of Scotland and the Inner Hebrides
Sound of Arisaig
Islets of Rum end Eigg, and to a landing on Eilean Shona
Loch Moidart
Loch nan Uamh, Loch of the Cave
Loch Shiel to Glenfinnan

FRANCE: Bag the Big Trois
REI Adventures
Biking Alps, Provence, and the Pyrenees
Alp d’Huez
Col du Galibier

SWITZERLAND: Climb Europe’s Biggest Glacier
Mountain Travel Sobek
the Alps’ Aletsch Glacier
small village of Ulrichen, Switzerland
Rhône Glacier
Matterhorn and Mont Blanc
Oberaarjoch Hut
peak of Finsteraarhorn
Aletsch Glacier

NORWAY: King Crab Safari
Borton Overseas

MYANMAR: Wandering Through an Ancient Frontier
Country Walkers
remote villages and monasteries
high hills and jungles surrounding Inle Lake

TIBET: Bike the Himalaya’s Mountain Passes
cycling Lhasa to Kathmandu
Shigatse, Tashilhunpo monastery
Friendship Highway
Qomolangma Nature Preserve to Everest Base Camp

JAPAN: Shikoku Island Expedition
Wilderness Travel
thatched roof farmhouses, monasteries, and fishing villages
Iya Valley
88 Sacred Temples

TAJIKISTAN AND AFGHANISTAN: Trekking the Wakhan Corridor to the Afghan Pamir
Geographic Expeditions
Tajik-Afghan border
Sarhad-e Broghil

THAILAND: Snorkeling the Mergui Archipelago
World Wildlife Fund
The Mergui Archipelago
Adaman Sea off the coast of Myanmar and Thailand
Adaman Islands Rainforest
Mermaid 1
Great Swinton Island

NAMIBIA: African Bike Safari
Butterfield & Robinson
cycle into the Namibian backcountry
desert biking
Windhoek through Damaraland, Kaokoland, the Skeleton Coast, and the Namib Desert
Skeleton Coast
Himba villages
MALI: All the Way to Timbuktu
Absolute Travel
a thriving nightlife scene in Bamako
mud mosques in Tongorongo and Sekoubango
Le Ndomo, an artisan center
Bandiagara treks along the fantastic sandstone escarpments
Djingareyber Mosque

SOUTH AFRICA: On-the-Ground Walking Safari
The Wayfarers
Cape Town
Table Mountain
Cederberg Mountains
Great Karoo
Madikwe National Park

MICRONESIA AND MELANESIA: Set Sail in the South Pacific
Zegrahm and Eco-Expeditions
Traveling from Papua New Guinea, the expedition ship Clipper Odyssey
Trobriand Islands
Palau and Yap
Marshall Bennetts
island of Rabaul and Yap State
Tsoi Islands
Koror, the capital of Palau, hike through pristine forest to snorkel in the extraordinary Jellyfish Lake

FIJI: Play Indiana Jones... in Paradise
Earthwatch International
Viti Levu
Rove Peninsula
Bourewa Beach

ANTARCTICA: The World’s First Carbon Neutral Expedition to Antarctica
Natural Habitat
South Georgia and the Falkland Islands

Please feel free to recommend people you know who may have pictures as well.


Jason B Smith said...

This is a great post, especially today as I was looking over some shots requested by Backpacker. I usually submit if I can dig up the right files in my less than brilliant pre digital binder storage system. But then I get to scrutinizing the pictures - which you should do - and since I love to be hard on myself, I think "no, these will never do." there's a fine line between self deprecation and knowing when a photograph indeed sucks. but you never know, much my work that I don;t know what to do with is the stuff that people respond to. so submit dammit!! take the time. thanks for the reminder. now where did I put those negs?

Russell Kaye said...

Jason- good to hear from you - and great news about your side project due sometime in May - it's a real blast...