Happy New Year- Sabine gets me Bloggin' Again

Well I did start a half-dozen entries so far this year. I just never hit the publish button. It's not that I ran out of things to say. I had more than ever to talk about. It's more that I've been frantically pitching story and video ideas, doing the end-of-year accounting dance, and enjoying snow days with the kids. I bit of it too was that every post I started either was already mentioned by the prolific Rob Haggart or by the even more prolific Jackanory or moreover I wasn't really ready to admit publicly to how slooooow the editorial assignment market is right now.

But then this email from Sabine:

PhotoShelter is looking for a full-time blogger to help unite the photographer and photo buying communities into a single online community. We can share details in person – if you have at least 5 years of experience as a photo editor, professional photographer, and/or art director, and are interested in getting out of production and focusing on what's going on in the business of photography today, please get in touch. Excellent writing skills, personal passion for commercial photography, energy, imagination, and NYC-area residence are all required. Prior experience with blogging/building online communities is a plus but not a requirement. Mainly, we just want a cool person who can talk to all sides of the industry with understanding and credibility, attend and report on industry events and brainstorm and coordinate guest contributers.

Sweet Jesus in a PodRacer - could I ever be that cool guy - the great uniter in the photobiz. I better get my bloghat on...

PhotoShelter - Call ME! Today!

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