Mr Thinking Wrong & The Gummy Tape Spots

In the last century, there was this stuff called film. You shot it without really knowing what you we're going to get. You had to bring it home, attach it to these metal reels and run it through three chemicals. A roll of this film had enough room for 36 images but if you didn't obey your camera's counter, you could squeeze a few extra images onto the roll and just keep shooting until the advance winder stopped or until you pulled the film free of the spool it was taped to.

If you pulled the film free of the spool, you had a couple of problems. The first was that you couldn't rewind the film back into it's light tight canister and now had to find a perfectly dark place to unload. The second was that you were making images on top of that gummy tape spot. Many photographers would call me an eskimo-pie-head to take a chance on this. But I always enjoyed the happy accident:

click image for bigger view of gummy tape spots

Which brings me to last night and Thinking Wrong.

I attended an inspirational slideshow at the Waterfall Arts Center last night given by Mr. John Bielenberg. He uses a technique called Thinking Wrong to invoke the creative juices and is a designer and educator and founder of C2 in SF, CA. He is also the founder of the 5-year-old Project M.

For their 2007 project, Project M went to Sam Mockbee's Rural Studio in Greensboro, Alabama and worked on a project to bring clean water to the 25% of Hale County, Alabama that had never been able to afford the $425 it cost to have a water meter installed. They've raised over 30k for this cause in just a few months. See the finished project here

Tell me that's not using communication and design for a worthy cause.

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